Canon camera backpack

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රු 6,750


Brand : Canon

Ideal for quick snap, easy and comfortable for wearing, good quality and waterproof. Made of high quality waterproof nylon material and padded anti-shock interior, with rain cover, double safe your camera, tough and durable for long time daily use. The back open design allows you to take the camera from the back of bag, protecting your bag from stealing. The detachable dividers allow you to divide the bag according to your needs. Equipped with straps to prevent the accessories from falling, better to keep your photography accessories. The rain cover and water-resistant exterior can help protect your backpack from rain and water. Special design, the bag allows you to carry a tripod. Enough space and pockets to store your accessories such as filters, battery, charger, memory cards, cables etc. The length of the shoulder straps is adjustable, you can adjust it according to your situation.


Brand: Canon

Material: Nylon

Color: Black

Size: Outer: 33 X 53 X 19

Waterproof/Anti-Theft Traveling Outdoor Backpack DSLR Camera Bag

Capacity: can storage 1 DSLR camera with lens, 2 long lens, 1 flashlight, 14" laptop computer, iPad and many small things like battery, SD card

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