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Home & Garden in Sri Lanka

Bathroom & Sanitary ware-Kandy - Ceramic Commode
Ceramic Commode

MEMBERKandy, Bathroom & Sanitary ware

Rs 5,850

Furniture-Colombo - Table Mate IV – 68% OFF
Table Mate IV – 68% OFF

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 1,750

Kitchen items-Colombo - Kawashi Stainless Steel Gas Cooker
Kawashi Stainless Steel Gas Cooker

MEMBERColombo, Kitchen items

Rs 2,900

Furniture-Gampaha - Dining Table With Chairs
Dining Table With Chairs

Gampaha, Furniture

Rs 40,000

24 mins
Furniture-Colombo - Dressing Table
Dressing Table

Colombo, Furniture

Rs 9,500

25 mins
Furniture-Gampaha - Sofa set
Sofa set

Gampaha, Furniture

Rs 90,000

27 mins
Kitchen items-Kandy - Pigeon Crystal Glass 3 Burners Gas Stove
Pigeon Crystal Glass 3 Burners Gas Stove

Kandy, Kitchen items

Rs 9,500

28 mins
Building Material & Tools-Colombo - Roller Shutter
Roller Shutter

Colombo, Building Material & Tools

Rs 32,000

29 mins
Furniture-Colombo - Sofa factory outlet(FG105S)Brand new
Sofa factory outlet(FG105S)Brand new

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 35,000

Furniture-Colombo - Sofa factory outlet(FG25)Brand new
Sofa factory outlet(FG25)Brand new

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 100,000

Furniture-Colombo - Sofa set
Sofa set

Colombo, Furniture

Rs 60,000

48 mins
Furniture-Colombo - Furniture mirror & two table teak
Furniture mirror & two table teak

Colombo, Furniture

Rs 60,000

1 hr
Furniture-Colombo - Unique -New 6x4 Classic Wardrobe!
Unique -New 6x4 Classic Wardrobe!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 14,800

Furniture-Colombo - High Back Chair Office
High Back Chair Office

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 7,475

Furniture-Colombo - Office Chair High Back
Office Chair High Back

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 9,035

Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -New Arch Bed Package!
UNIQUE -New Arch Bed Package!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 15,400

Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -Modern Dining Tables!
UNIQUE -Modern Dining Tables!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 19,900

Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -New HS 4D Display Cupboard!
UNIQUE -New HS 4D Display Cupboard!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 20,800

1 hr
Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -New PIYESTRA Executive Chairs!
UNIQUE -New PIYESTRA Executive Chairs!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 8,900

Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -New 4x2 PIYESTRA Office Table!
UNIQUE -New 4x2 PIYESTRA Office Table!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 10,800

Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -New FOLDING CHAIRS!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 2,950

1 hr
Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -Modern HS 5x2 Book Racks!
UNIQUE -Modern HS 5x2 Book Racks!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 7,950

Furniture-Colombo - UNIQUE -New BAR CHAIRS!

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 7,400

1 hr
Other Home Items-Colombo - Singer Sewing Machine
Singer Sewing Machine

Colombo, Other Home Items

Rs 22,000

1 hr
Furniture-Colombo - Office furnitures
Office furnitures

Colombo, Furniture

Rs 75,000

1 hrs
Furniture-Colombo - Office chair FG-990
Office chair FG-990

MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 9,990


MEMBERColombo, Furniture

Rs 14,400

1 hrs

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