Weight Lifting Leather Hand Gloves

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ரூ 750

👉Pricing ;👇

✔Wholesale price : 750/=(MOQ - 6 pieces),
✔Retail Price : 1,100/=(when you buy 3 pieces, you can buy all 3 for Rs.3,000/=, [Rs.1000/= for each] & free delivery)


Product Description;
(Please read the product description completely)

👉100% brand new and high quality,

👉This glove is durable and it is ventilated. When you are wearing, it will provide you an optimum comfort.

👉Non sweaty as the glove made by breathable material.

👉This glove is perfect solution if you need an extra support while doing workout/weight lifting to protect a weak or injured wrist.

👉This glove can be used for multiple purposes, a wrist wrap with closure.

👉Suitable for ;👇

✔Tug-of-war and
✔Various kind of sports & fitness.

☑Material : PU leather
☑Color : Black
☑Size : One size fits for most adults.

☑Package include ;

1 Pair Weight Lifting PU Leather Gloves

See all above features of the leather gloves, attached in pics(Real pics of the product are attached, it is as described & as shown in pics) you can buy with full of trust.

✔Delivery & ordering methods;

👉Isalndwide delivery within 24 hours to your doorstep,

👉Islandwide "Cash on delivery" available, pay after you get the product to your hand.

👉This product is very well designed, it gives super value for your money.

👉People around Kalutara & suburbs can get delivered for free.

👉Islandwide VPP(Value Payable Post) service also available - Pay at post office.

👉Steps to order ;

Send us a message/call us with following details of yours to the given number(s) or send us in Ikman Chat ;

*Item Name,
*Mobile No,

Please call us for your orders & further inquiries...!

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