Lensgo Camera Belt

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ரூ 950

An instant classic. 

The most comfortable way to holster your camera. Experience the comfort, easy and joy of shooting with free upper-body.

Ergonomic, quick and secure, the LENSGO is your new best friend.

The single camera system contains everything that you need to carry one camera as below:

1. Lensgo Belt x 1 

2. Lensgo Holster x 1 ----- which securely attaches to the Belt, 

3. Lensgo Plate x 1 ----- which easily attaches directly to your camera's tripod mount, and 

4. Spider Pin x 1 ----- which attaches to the Plate and slides into the Holster 

At the heart of our professional system is the Camera Holster. 



Stainless steel and hardened aluminum cast, the Lensgo Belt-mounted DSLR Holster System is extremely durable and designed specifically for active shooting situations. 

The Lensgo Belt-mounted DSLR Holster System has a two-position lock. In lower position the lock secures your camera each time it's placed in the holster. 

In upper position - the lock disengages for quick and easy access to your camera. 
Smooth ride. 

Unlike other camera carrying vests and straps the Lensgo gives you the most comfortable and secure way to carry your camera. 


Why you'll never leave home without it:


No stress on the back, shoulder and neck -- The holster and camera: est on your hip and leg complementing your body movements. 

Carrying your camera has never been more comfortable. Pocket -- sized makes you feel nothing on any motion.



The holster rests at whilst-level, which gives you instant access to your camera.



High grade material, good vibration and liability, which can handle any bumps.



Noticeable sound can be heard when camera back into the holster.The Spider fits on your belt at your body't center which makes you felling natural when taking pictures or moving.



Well designed screwed, pin and base fit any cameras, no matter any brands and models.



No contrived straps or bulky bags, just a nice metallic shine

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