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Pettah Computers அங்கத்துவம் மூலம் விற்பனைக்கு25 ஆகஸ்ட் 3:35 பிற்பகல்கொழும்பு 11, கொழும்பு

ரூ 4,500


Internal Laptop Battery - Brand New - Warranty Available - Lowest Price In Market

*** Whole Sale Customers Are Welcome - Special Discounted Prices For Whole Sale & Bulk Purchase Customers Customers ***

** We Do Not Sell Low Quality Chinese Items **
** We Give Warranties For All Electronics Items Purchased From Us **

Price starting from Rs.4500/- ( Contact us to get the model list wise price details )

Our brands and products are of genuine quality and the services that we provide are of a premium touch. We understand the requirements of the customers and provide the best according to their respective needs.

Our customers are youthful, fashionable and passionate about technology, and as a result we sell only the latest and greatest products across all major brands.

Contact us for more details - We have all kind of computer accessories, laptop spare parts, network products, business solution products, security system products. We do wholesale and retails. Delivery can be arranged island wide.
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