Front Room Ground Floor for Rent in Wadduwa

G.Hettiarachchi மூலம் வாடகைக்கு 9 ஜுன் 3:33 பிற்பகல்வாதுவ, களுத்துறை

ரூ 8,500 மாதத்துக்கு


Wadduwa Front Room Details:
Front Room [ Ground Floor] of Newly build fully tiled luxury house with separate entrance, including one Bed , Almarah, Table, Chair , 14” Colour “Panasonic” TV, Samsung DVD Player, [Iron Grills for every window & Fan Light for better safety], Attached Bathroom with Hot water lines, with beautiful garden [right round parapet wall with gates]. Strictly No cooking facilities but you can consume outside meals from the “Take Away” outlets. [Please note that you can consume Water & Electricity only up to Rs. 1000.00 per month & this will closely monitor by separate meters] Can be used Table Fan, Iron , Lap Top & Water Heater only.

Smoking, Consume Alcohol & Drugs NOT Permitted…!
24 hrs CCTV security Cameras in operation.

Situated in very calm & quiet location [only 40 minutes to Colombo by train & Close to Southern Express High Way “Galinigama”– Bandaragama Entrance] with decent neighbors. Walking distance to Wadduwa Town, Railway Station, Taxi Services, all the Government & Private Banks, Super Markets, whole Sale & Retail Groceries, Medical Centers, Pharmacies, Fast Food Outlets & Restaurants, Air Conditioned Cinema Hall, Star Class Tourist Hotels ,Swimming Pools & Beaches, Communications & Internet Cafes, all kind of Shops, Police Station ,Temples, Churches, Schools, etc..
Only for Single person [ Gentleman or Lady ]
Due to the prevailing present security condition in the country, need certified copy of the National Identify Card & proper proof from your current working place.
[Preference for Banks, Sales, Travel, Garments, Tourism, Construction, Medical, Teacher or Government sectors etc…]
Rent: Rs: 8500.00 per month [ Rs. 1000.00 will be extra charged for the usage of Water & Electricity]
Key Money Only for[ 04 ] Four Months.
Genuine Photographs attached herewith.
Can be reserved now on wards with one month advance payment, which will be reduced from the key money.

சொத்தின் வகை:
தனிப்பட்ட நுழைவு , குறைந்த
முகவரி :
No. 89/1, Tissa Road, Wadduwa.
விளம்பரம் குறித்து முறையிடவும்.


  • 0717684011
  • 0773956252


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