Four story house for sale in Koswatta

Simply Property (Pvt) Ltd அங்கத்துவம் மூலம் விற்பனைக்கு25 ஒக்டோ 10:49 முற்பகல்பத்தரமுல்ல, கொழும்பு

ரூ 37,000,000

10 perches
4 story house
6 en suite rooms
3 living areas
Hot water
Roof top terrace
CCTV camera system
Tiled floors
Parking for 5 vehicles

The lovely charming 4 story house has 7 spacious bedrooms, 6 of which have attached bathrooms with hot water. There are three separate entrances; one which connects to the main road and two that connect to the by-lane. Other features include maid’s quarters, CCTV camera system, and parking space for up to 5 vehicles. The area is very quiet but is highly residential, which means there is safety in numbers. There is great ventilation because the rooms and living areas are very ample. The house is built over 10 perches of land and is conveniently located close to the main road meaning there is great access to all amenities.The house is located just off Kalapaluwawa Road which is home to many amenities including banks, hospitals, schools, restaurants and cafes. Due to its location there is great access to places like Thalangama, Battaramulla, Pellawatte, Ethul Kotte and Rajagiriya. The house is also just a short drive away from the Diyatha Uyana Park which is a great place to go to during your spare time and is also a common place for people to go on their evening jogs.

முகவரி :
Kalapaluwawa Road, New Kandy Road, Koswatta
வீட்டின் பருமன்:
3,500.0 சதுர அடி
நில அளவு:
10.0 பேர்ச்
விளம்பரம் குறித்து முறையிடவும்.


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