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1.Metal Material
Aluminum alloy wire drawing panel make it more durable

2.Touch Sensor Button with Blue light
The monitor adopt advanced touch technology,with sensitive blue and red light

3. 1000TVL Resolution
The outdoor doobell camera is with 1000TVL CMOS sensor.It is much more clear than 600TVL doorbell camera,which bring you excellent visual experience.

4.Slim Design
With the thickness 26.8mm(310*197.5*26.8mm),it make the design small and slim

5.Day/Night Vision
The outdoor camera has IR sensor,the IR sensor will turn on the IR Led automatically when light in low level.It allows you to see clearly even during night time.

6.Dual-way Intercom,call transfer between monitor and monitor,monitor and doorbell
If the visitor want to talk with another person,the call should be transfered to another monitor in another room,downstairs or upstairs.Internal communication function requires at least two indoor and one outdoor unit to be connected.

7. Video/Picture Playback,SD Card Supported(Not included)

The system support recording playback.It could record picture/Video.If the SD card is not included,it will only record picture with built-in memory.

8. OSD Menu

The OSD system support Ring tone,ring volume,brightness,contrast and chrome adjustment and recording mode setting.With record files,you could check who has been visited you

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