22.5m/75Ft -Magic Water Hose

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ரூ 1,250

Innovative design: it can quickly expand to 3 times the length of its original size when water is turned on, and fully retract to the original length when water is turned off.


Turn the water on & the hose expands, turn the water off while holding the spray open and the hose shrinks to its original size, automatically draining the remaining water from the hose

Delivers a high volume spray to get any job done around the house. COMPACT FOR EASY STORAGE

Can be stored in a shoe box or small pot. Ideal for smaller gardens, sheds, flats, those how like to be tidy or wherever storage space is limited and at a premium.

Whether it's for washing your car or watering the plants this hose will have the setting for you.

Will not tangle, twist or kink.

Lightweight and portable size, flexible to carry, use and store.

Polyester fabric cover to protect the inner tube, durable and reliable.

Supplied with a spray nozzle, which is made of long-lasting and durable ABS plastic.

Ergonomic handle of the spray nozzle, comfortable to operate.7 adjustable modes, including shower, flat, center, cone, full, mist, jet.

Ideal for many watering and cleaning uses, such as gardening, car washing, house cleaning, etc.


Color: Green/ Blue (random Colour will be sent to you)

Material: latex & polyester

Item type:75FT/ 22.5M

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