2 BR Apt with Pool GYM - Colombo 06

SkyRay Apartment & Suites அங்கத்துவம் மூலம் வாடகைக்கு28 நவம் 7:00 பிற்பகல்கொழும்பு 6, கொழும்பு

ரூ 6,900 /இரவுக்கு


Our Website: www.skyray.lk
Skyray Holiday Two Bedrooms Apartment for Rent
“Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority Has Rated As “Superior” & Approved.”
Skyray Holiday Apartments And Suites Offers
02 Bedroom Apartments [We provide extra One folding bed without extra charges for One additional person staying. 05 peoples can sleep in this apartment] That Guarantees Guests A Pleasant Stay Whether In Colombo For Business or Leisure. The City Center Is Merely 9 Km Away And The Airport Can Be Reached Within 50 Minutes. This Apartment Offers Easy Access To The City's Must-see Destinations And Close Access To Marine Drive And The Lovely Beach Restaurants Nearby. SkyRay Holiday Apartments And Suites Also Offer Many
facilities To Enrich Your Stay In Colombo. While Lodging at This Wonderful Property, Guests Can Enjoy the spectacular View Of The Sea And A View of City. These well Maintained Luxury Apartments Are Equipped With a swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Rooftop Garden, Pool Table, Table Tennis, Sauna, Meditation Hall, Children's Play area, 4 Elevators, Car Park On The Ground Floor, European style Lighting, Imported Sanitary Fittings, Intercom Service, equipped Kitchen With Imported Pantry Fittings, Separate Hot water Geyser, Smoking Area, 24 Hour Security. Fire Control systems & 24 Hours Standby Generator.
Ramakrishna Road, Wellawatte, Colombo.
10th Floor Land View Apartment / Suites – 02 Bedrooms Superior Suite. Wi-Fi Available.

03 – 05 Nights Stay
06 – 11 Nights Stay
12 – 18 Nights Stay
19 – 25 Nights Stay
26 – 35 Nights Stay
Rates between Rupees 6500 to Rupees 7700 depending on your stay, this rates would be applicable for staying up to 24th November 2018 only.

IMPORTANT:- Revised season rates will apply for staying starting from 25th November 2018 until 10th January 2019. Please contact us for inquiries.

Free usage of water & Gas. It’s included in the rates.

Electricity is charge for actual usage at Rupees 42- per unit.
As per meter reading. You can see the meter at check in and on check out.
Reservation could be made in advance by paying a deposit. The total rental to be paid before check in.
You are encouraged to come & see the apartment or if you are not in Sri Lanka, you can send your friend or relative to have a look & view before booking. This can be done with pre arrangement.
You can contact us by Whats App Or by Viber Or by SMS Or by Call

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SkyRay Apartment & Suites

Skyray Apartments & Suites

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