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Being a professional photographer means not only shooting and retouching photos but also constantly improving your business – growing your personal brand popularity and getting new clients. Every photographer has its own style which is the main reason why people entrust their most important moments of life to save for years in digital and paper images. As an experienced photographer, you know how much time and efforts it takes to make the perfect pictures. It’s only you who can shoot but there is a solution to reduce time spent on photo editing and retouching.

Our professional photography retouchers can do all that photo editing work instead of you! We at Ideal Solutions help photographers providing them with high-quality photo retouching services.

Our services:

• Photo editing starts with culling and cropping, format converting.
• Our colour correction services include all necessary adjustments: shadows, contrast, exposure, white balance, brightness, and others.
• Skin airbrushing, blemishes or wrinkles removal, red-eye removal, digital teeth whitening, eye colour change, virtual makeup and face reshaping.
• High-quality skin processing, tan lines removal, figure reshaping or slimming, also we deal with head-shot retouching.
• Stray hair removal, background change and replacement.
• Digital photo montage services.
• Photo restoration services.
• Real estate photo editing
• Background cutout and product clipping path for e-commerce needs, jewellery editing.
• Wedding photo retouching services.
• High-End photo retouching for fashion and advertising industry.

• You can e-mail them using Google Docs, Dropbox, Mediafire, Wetrasfer, iCloud, etc.
• We accept all types of file formats: TIFF, PSD, JPEG, JPG, CR2, NEF, ORF, ARW, DNG, PNG, etc.
• Your pictures are safe. We don’t use them for our purposes and they won’t pop up anywhere.

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Photography / Video
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