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Dave Computer Care සාමාජිකයා විසින් විකිණිමට11 පෙබ 8:32 පවබත්තරමුල්ල, කොළඹ

රු 5,000

All Game Console repairs and modifications done for the cheapest rates in Sri Lanka.
All game console repairs done by a Sony Certified Factory Technician ( 10+ years hands on experience in SONY Australia). Console repairs done with 3 Months Warranty and without the High price tag.

Sony PlayStation:
PS3 - PS3 Slim - PS3 Ultra Slim,PS4,PS4 PRO,PS4 SLIM,PSP,PSP-GO & PSP VITA
PS3 Firmware downgrades.
PS3 ODE install and jailbreak
Play games from your hard drive (modifications for PS3 and some models on ps4 only),
Fan mods to keep ps3,ps4 cool and play for hours continuously,
YLOD or so called YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH Repairs,
RLOD or so called RED LIGHT OF DEATH Repairs,
PS3 CPU and GPU PS4 APU Re-ball Service,
PS3 AND PS4 Blue-ray Drive Repairs ,
PS3 AND PS4 Motherboard chip level Repairs ,
PS3 AND PS4 Full service,
PS3 AND PS4 Power unit repairs,
PS3 AND PS4 Hard Drive Replacements,
PS3 AND PS4 Heat Paste (MX-4,COOLER MASTER X1) and Heat Pad (3M High performance thermal pads) Changes,
PS3 AND PS4 Controller not sinking Repair,
PS3 AND PS4 USB PORT OR PORTS Not working repair,
PS3 AND PS4 Wireless controller not zincking repair,
PS3 AND PS4 No video soft brick & Hard Brick Repairs,
PS3 AND PS4 No video HDMI Video repairs,
PS3 AND PS4 No video Power supply fail repairs,
PS4 RLOD (RED LINE OF DEATH) - Damaged MAIN CHIP (This is called APU) repairs,
PS4 WLOD (WHITE LINE OF DEATH) Damaged NOR or so called bios chip repairs,
PS3,PS4 Blue ray Rom repairs and head Replacement,Spin/Worm/eject Motor/s Replacement
PS3 PS4 Thermal paste change and thermal pad changes, - (maximizing longer game play time)
All PS3 Repairs Done by a Sony Certified Factory Technician ( 10+ years hands on experience in Australia)

Microsoft Xbox:
(All modifications are done only with the use of ACE V3, (Made in U.S.A.) mod chips only. We don't use Chinese replica cheap chips for our modifications)
RGH2 With 10 games free Thermal-paste pad change fan mod just RS.11000/=
Xbox 360, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox 360 E,XBOX One
LT 3.0 Update to play Burned Games.
LTU2 mods for Xbox 360 Slim, Xbox 360 E
Play games from your hard drive (modifications RGH 2),
Fan mods to keep Xbox cool,
Red Ring of Death (RROD) Repairs,
CPU and GPU Re-ball Service,
Optical Drive Repairs,
Motherboard chip level Repairs,
Full service for Xbox,
Power Brick repairs,
Hard Drive Replacements,
Heat Paste and Heat Pad Changes,
RLOD (Red light of death) XBOX 360 Slim Fix,
Cool Runner 2 Mod to play games from hard drive,

All this comes with warranty By DAVE COMPUTER CARE.

Help is Just a Call Away.


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NO.50/10,8TH LANE,

Credit card payments Accepted.

Open Hours:

Week Days 10.00AM - 6.00PM

Weekends 10.00AM - 5.00PM

Poya Days & Holidays 10.00AM - 5.00PM

It has been reported several instances some people from Colombo 04 & Dehiwala are pretending to be Dave from Dave Computer Care (D.C.C.) or as D.C.C . Repair Technicians and scamming people for high price repairs that won’t last long.
Note that we only have our Primary repair center at Battaramulla & Chamal as the contacting person.

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