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F C Technologies සාමාජිකයා විසින් විකිණිමට11 දෙසැ 7:24 පවදෙහිවල, කොළඹ

රු 500

ගිවිසගත හැකි


- Telecommunications Regulatory Commssion of Sri Lanka - TRCSL Approved Service Centre
- City & Guilds Qualified Engineers and Technicians
- Precision Trouble-shooting Systems (Such as Cro Oscilloscopes, EEPROM Programmers, BGA Work Stations, Hybrid Multimeters, Etc.)
- Fastest and Guaranteed Service
- Reasonable Charges

We handle the following repairs, but are not limited to;

• Dead Laptops / Tablet PCs
• No Display and Cracked Display
• Touch Screen Problems
• Dim Display, Backlight Problems
• Freezing, Holting Problems
• System getting Hung
• Keyboard/Touchpad Control Section Problems
• Memory Control Section Problems
• Internal and External Audio problems
• USB Port Not Working
• Serial Port Not Working
• PS2 Port Not Working
• CD/DVD/Blue-ray Drive Control Section Problems
• Hard Disk Control Section Problems
• Battery Charging Problems
• DC Power Port Problems
• Soldering & De-soldering of faulty Motherboard components such as
ICs/Chips, Transistors, Diodes, Fuses, Resistors, Capacitors, VGA
Chips, Voltage Regulators, Etc.
• Recovering of Liquid Problems Like Spilling water In Your Laptop / Tablet PC
• Fixing the Overheating issue in Laptops / Tablet PCs
• Replacing Broken Laptop / Tablet Screens, including the Backlight, Display
Inverter Repair
• Replacing Memory/Data Components
• IC/Chip Re-balling, BGA Re-balling, BGA Arrangement, BGA
Re-working of Video Problems, BGA Re-working of Reflow (Northbridge
/ Southbridge / Graphics Chips, Etc)
• Replacement of all kinds of I/O Ports of a Laptop
• BIOS Chip Flashing, EEPROM Programming, Upgrading & Programming, including
customization of the BIOS Chip to accommodate additional support for
services, components.
• Guaranteed Modifications to Laptop / Tablet Motherboards, as & when
components are not available for Repair.
• Laptop VGA Chip / Tablet GPU Chip Upgrading & Memory Enhancement
• Upgrading & Enhancement of all other types of Motherboard
components to improve overall performance.
• Cleaning of Laptop Motherboards with washable liquids to prevent dust,
corrosion, oxidization, fungus breeding, etc., etc.
• Diagnosis, Maintenance & Optimization of all components of the
Laptop from Battery to Processor, Display LCD/LED to Keyboard using
Software & Hardware Tools.
• Writing of Drivers, Patches, Scripts, Etc. for older Laptop components
to work & support with current Operating Systems.
• Unlocking and flshing Tablets which operating with Android OS

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