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Personnel විසින් කුලියට28 ඔක් 7:21 පෙරවරුකොට්ටාව, කොළඹ

Rs 16,000 මසකට

Ladies only Comfortable accommodation. Kottawa, Makumbura [Nearby Rocell showroom and Arpico]
Said room is located 1st floor inside the house. It is safe, secure and easily accessible neighborhoods in Makumbura, Kottawa, one junction away from the main Kottawa Junction (towards Homagama). The property is located at the end of the avenue. [within 575 meters range from the Makuburu Junction] The rear of the house faces a beautiful view of paddy fields in a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood.
There is no separate entrance to the room but the room is located very close to the main entrance door of the first floor. This spacious Room has its own balcony. The bathroom is fully equipped with in-built hot and normal water. Ladies Only, Sharing not allowed.
Rent Rs. 16,000 per Month
Property Type: Room with private washroom
Bedrooms: Large, Spacious Room
Bathrooms: 1
Room Floor area: 196 sq. foot [Without balcony]
Bedroom amenities with Double bed, Wardrobe, Writing table and Chair
Balcony with Chair
Availability: Available from 1st November 2018
Bills included? Yes [Electricity, Normal and Hot Water]
Deposit: Three Months
Min. lease term: Three (3) Months.
Nearest bus stop: 575 Meters
Nearest train station: 1km
Cooking Facility Shared Pantry

• Ladies Only, Sharing not allowed, Comfortable accommodation
• Well-furnished, 1 Bed Room with Balcony facing paddy fields.
• Convenient and Excellent Location, nearby many Shopping Centers [Keells, Foodcity
and Arpico], Pharmacies, Grocery, Restaurants, Pastry Shops.
• Fully Fitted washroom
• Electricity, Water changes included
• Pantry can be used to prepare tea and simple cooking [No hot oven or microwave
oven use allowed],
• Located in Makumbura, one junction away from Kottawa towards Homagama. 2 minute drive to the expressway entrance in Kottawa. 2 minute drive to Kottawa Railway Station. 10 minute drive to the entrance of Battaramulla-Pannipitiya Rd.
For More Details, Please Contact The Owner, Mr. Wijeratne.

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Kottawa, Makubura.
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