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Product description:

Cyclopz Driver Fatigue Alarm (DFA) is a life-saving device designed to keep you awake during momentary lapses caused by sleepiness and tired

Cyclopz DFA is essential for those who use their vehicle as part of their key duties such as drivers of cars, Bus, Taxi, Container Trucks, Lorries, Bowsers, Tipper Trucks, and Motor Cycles. This will also be useful for those who needs to be on high alert such as security guards, machine operators and students during lectures.

So avoid falling asleep on those long and stressful drives with the Cyclopz DFA which will help you to stay alert so you can get home safely. By combatting driver fatigue, this revolutionizing device can help prevent accidents and save valuable lives
How it works?
• Cyclopz DFA detects the movement of the head whilst driving and sends indication that you
• It will send a strong warning with a beep, vibration or both, which could be selected according to the user’s preference.
• If the driver feels tired they should stop in a safe place until it feels able to drive safely rather than driving continuously solely depending on the DFA


• Fits on your right ear and help you stay alert while driving.
• Detects when your head leans forward and alerts you with a beep, vibration or both
• Easy to operate single-button operation
• Patented technology
• Ideal for all drivers
• Hold the button for three seconds to turn on the anti-sleep alarm
• Includes car and home charger

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