Beard Oil සාමාජිකයා විසින් විකිණිමට30 නොවැ 6:43 පවමහරගම, කොළඹ

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New, beard repair growth solution.
The active ingredients are angelica extract, palm oil, tea tree oil, hair follicle growth hormone and so on.
Activation in "sleep" state of Mao Nang cell, make its vitality, enter the active state of beard growth.
After the hair follicle cells are activated, the rapid proliferation of the beginning of the division, the number of beard increasing, the length of the lengthening.
A variety of nutrients absorbed by cells, fully nourish beard, beard have black, supple, full texture.
Beard growth environment health, not only can protect beard, make beard growth accelerated.
When the painting, brush need not dip too much liquid, with too much. The hands as far as possible to avoid smearing other parts.

How To Use: 
2 times a day, insist on using 1-2 months
Before use, clean the skin that needs to be applied and keep it dry.
Apply proper amount of essential oil to the area where it needs to be grown, once each morning and evening.
Massage until complete absorption, the longer the massage, the better the growth effect.

Specifications :

Increase beard growth,Safer and more reliable.
Mild, safe and free of toxicity without hurting your skin.
Improve the activity of beard growth cells


External Use only.
Only use in the facial area where you want to grow more beard.
Store in cool, Sun block condition.
Keep of reach of children.

Packing List: 
1 30ml Bottle


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