Automatic Fill & Sachet Packing Machine

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රු 985,000

Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal Sachet Pouch Packing Machine (100 - 1000 Grams) to Fill and pack

Wheat flour,Sugar,Tea,Salt,Pepper,Chillies,
Coffee,Rice, Yeast, Red dates, Seeds, Peanuts,
Nuts, Almond, Medicine powder, Seasonings,
Screws, Rubber bands, O rings, Beans and
all types of other spices etc.

Compared to those big and expensive machines on market, our Starsage VFFS machines(vertical form fill seal machine) are well known by its specialty: simple and compact design, digital weighing measurement to ensure best weight accuracy, easy operation, simple maintenance and most importantly at a very affordable price.

1. Function&Process: weighing materials as per users set parameters→making rolls into bags→filling materials into bags→sealing and cutting the bags→counting bags quantity

* Above process goes on automatically after setting the parameter at the beginning. And data about weight, bags quantity will present on digital panel display.

2. Application: NON-STICKY powder/granule/particle/grain/strip.
wheat flour, coffee powder, grounded coffee, spices, chili powder, seasonings, medicine powder, chemical powder, yeast; sugar, salt, coffee bean, chili, nut, peanut, almond, red dates, rice, seed, bead, tea;
o ring, screw, hardware, rubber band and other strip shape articles.

3. Specification
Voltage: 220V, 50HZ
Power: 350W
Application: NON STICKY dry
Weight range: 100 to 1000 g (weight is
adjustable in this range )
Weight accuracy: ±2%/pack(depend on
what to be packed)
Weight range can be also starting from
50g min but weight accuracy is not so
Pack speed: 4-20 bag/min (depend what
to be packed and weight)
Film width: 48 cm, 42cm, 32cm
Bag width: 23cm, 20 cm, 15cm
Bag length: 10cm-30 cm
Machine size: 50*60*200 CM(to be
Machine weight: 140 kg
Bag type: back center seal
Date code printing: Yes
Photocell: Yes
Materials: stainless steel shell housing
Machine needs be connected to air
compressor (Below price not included
the air compressor)

- 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty
- After Sales Service and spare parts
- SME Bank Loans arrangements.
- Free Installation & Setup.
- User Manual
- You can customize the machine according to the requirements.

Machines available:
1. (5 - 100grams) Automatic Vertical Form Fill Sachet Packing Machine
2. (50 - 500grams) Automatic Vertical Form Fill Sachet Packing Machine
3. (100 - 1Kg) Automatic Vertical Form Fill Sachet Packing Machine
4. (100 - 1000ml)Automatic Liquid Vertical Form Fill Seal Packing Machine

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