Anti Theft Bobby Backpack විසින් විකිණිමට 2 අප්‍රේල් 10:17 පෙරවරුකොළඹ 5, කොළඹ

රු 2,699

Item Type: Laptop Backpack
Material: Canvas
Internal Material: Polyester
Color: Black,Gray,Purple
Open Way: Zipper
Internal Structure: Mobile Phone Bags, Document Bags, Zipper Bags
Gender: Unisex
Style: Leisure, Business, Fashion
Features: Comfortable, Convenient, Environmentally Friendly
Application: School, Business, Travel
Capacity: A4 Magazine, Wallet, Umbrella, Camera, Laptop
Size :14.1"/15.6"

1:Design unique anti-theft design techology. Zipper of main pocket is fully hidden in the back of this bag , Equip with a secret pocket which behind the bag.
2:External USB with built-in charging cable offers a convenient charging of your electronic device anywhere.
3:Multi-compartment backpack - 30° or 90° adjustable main compartment ,fit for many different things to put in.
4: Waterproof, breathable, anti-theft, wear-resistant, lightening, shockproof
5: External USB charging function, release hands, stylish and practical
6: Two-way zipper for easy and safe
7. Shoulder strap card design, intimate and practical

Note: There is no mobile power comes with the backpack inside.
If you want to use External USB Charge Function, you have to do as follows:
1. Buy a mobile power.
2. Connect your mobile power with the USB interface inside the backpack.
3. Connect your phone with the USB interface outside the backpack.
4. Charging begins.
There are 2 kinds of mobile power in the market.
1: Plug in your phone, you can start charging.
2: Plug in your phone also needs to press button of mobile power then start charging.
To cope with this backpack, we suggest purchase of the first mobile power.

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