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අවශ්ය අත්දැකීම් (වසර)

තනතුර පිළිබඳව

We are looking for a smart, adaptive and customer oriented female administrator to coordinate our business operation from Sri Lanka.

- Should be able to work from home with minimum supervision ( Monday to Friday from 10.00 AM to 5.00 PM)
- Have your own laptop / PC and a steady internet connection
- A mobile number to communicate with potential customers
- Should be able to work independently and be online to coordinate with an overseas team
- Familiar with IT services such as Skype, website designing, marketing & maintaining social pages
- Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. English is a must.
- Excellent organizational and leadership skills
- Excellent knowledge in MS Office and office management software
- A diploma or experience as an office administrator, office assistant or relevant role would be an advantage
- Age below 35 years
- Part-time students are welcome to Apply

If you think you have the capability to work independently with minimum supervision please forward your CV with a profile picture attached. Please note, the required training will be provided to the selected candidate.

වෙනත් රැකියාවකට අයදුම් කරන්න.

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