30000mAh Remax Proda Power Bank

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රු 5,050

REMAX PRODA 30,000mAh Power Bank with Dual USB Output
The REMAX Proda products Portable External Power Bank accumulators are discharge mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices designed for recharging. Easy to use
The Proda Power Bank can be used several times in the recharging gadgets and devices, as long as there is enough built-in battery followed by the battery level LED indicator.

* Our Best Special Price Rs. 5,050/= Only
* In Colombo & Suburb Delivery for Add-150/= up to 350/=

• Attractive and stylish design with 2 USB high power outputs
• Allows to charge 2 devices at the same time – saving the trouble of carrying several small capacity ones.
• Makes your digital life easier!
• Diamond check pattern, exquisite look
• Also can be used as a LED flashlight for lighting
• LCD indicator shows charging process
• Available Colors: White ONLY

# Features:
* The products are authentic quality with Remax brand from Hong Kong.
* Produced by the plant are standard and recognized internationally.
* LCD screen that the battery capacity is left.
* High Quality Portable charger for Mobile Devices
+ Android & iPhone smart phones and tablet variety.
+ A quality battery grade lithium-ion (Lithium Ion).
+ Available in two colors (white, black).
+ The LCD has a Battery Indicator %.
+ A White Light (Press Double click Double click to Open it and Press it again to Turn it Off)

# Technical Information (Specification):
- Product Name: Proda Power Box
- Battery Capacity: 30,000 mAh.
- Battery Type: Lithium Ion.
- Input: DC 5V-1A.
- Output1: DC 5V-0.1A.
- Output2: DC 5V-2.1A.
- Power bank Operating Temperature: -20°C~50°C
- When using Rechargeable Backup Battery Charging Time: 20-24 hours.
- Use the mobile Charts: iPhone (1420 mAh) for about 9-10 Times.
- Lifetime Life cycle time: Fully charged for up to 700-800 Times.
- Indicator light on the Power Indicator: The LCD is telling-%

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