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88, Super Market Building Complex, Maharagama,

Description, recently introduced a new service ‘ikman Sell Fast’ enabling non IT savvy Sri Lankans to place premium ads on without even requiring access to a computer. Under this new island wide concept has tied up with several newsagents and communication outlets that will now include as one of the options to place classified advertisements. In addition to placing classified advertisements on, the newsagents and communication outlets will also provide other value added services to customers. For example, in the event immovable goods such as house and property and land need to be advertised, the newsagents and communication outlets will facilitate the full process by visiting the property, taking photographs and uploading them on to We, Anudi Enterprises are the agents of Newspaper and paper advertisements in MAHARAGAMA area, carrying out business since 2000 to date. Also we are acting as the sell fast agent of As a service provider our utmost care and attention has been extended to the entire satisfaction of customers who visit us for their needs. We as a practice never charge for the art works and no hidden charges what so ever but charge at the rates given to us by the publication companies in SRI LANKA. If you need our services please do not hesitate either contact us or visit our office in the first floor SUPER MARKET BUILDING, MAHARAGAMA (Facing Highlevel Road, opposite car park)