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MVIVO Studio – No. 253, Elfindale Avenue, Colombo 04.


We create space together MVIVO empowers people to design, build, and live in homes that last for generations. Harnessing European technology, MVIVO offers cost effective and energy efficient homes within an accelerated time-frame.  Fixed price now, later forever That’s right. Prices may fluctuate in the traditional way of building houses, but not with us. When you select a design through the online Design Studio or at our Design Center, we fix a price and it stands.  A Global Network of Architects That’s something you would usually not have access to, but with us you do. Through our Design Studio, you can collaborate with them to create your home, that’s architecturally designed, elegant and the epitome of contemporary living.  Completely Hassle-free Now that something you always want to hear, whatever your profession. We take care of all the details from the design stage to the construction stage. You can continue with your life while we build your home for you.  Always room for change When your circumstances change, your living spaces should change as well. The core of our homes is designed in a special way to accommodate any future adjustments.  So as much as your lifestyle changes, we can change your home to suit it

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