Quantum Treadmill QT-807

Gayani D Imbulana විසින් විකිණිමට13 නොවැ 11:43 පෙරවරුදිවුලපිටිය, ගම්පහ

රු 85,000

ගිවිසගත හැකි මිල

Product Description

5 Feature LED Display & LCD Window
This display console provides you with all the essential details of your workout. This includes Speed, Time, Distance, Incline, Calories, Pulse rate and Elevation. All this information is clearly visible and allows you to plan and adjust your workout to suit your needs.

The QT 807 deck is cushioned to offer more comfort while you work out. The cushioning also helps shield your joints and knees from harmful impacts and gives you a much smoother workout.

Space Saving Design
Most conventional treadmills are bulky and difficult to move. But the QT 807 can be folded, and thanks to the wheels that are built into the frame, rolls away easily for convenient storage.

Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
Your Heart rate is clearly displayed on the LCD display console. The QT 807 has its own heart rate monitor built into the handle bars so that you can easily monitor your heart rate. This especially helps those who are looking to increase their heart rate to target levels during workouts.

18 Pre-Programmed Workout Applications
Now you can choose from 18 different pre-programmed workouts that are built into the QT 807 Treadmill. This gives you a wider range of different workouts to choose from, and puts you on the fast track to reach your fitness goals. These workouts include cardio burn, calorie burn, jogging and walking programs.


1.5 CHP Commercial Grade Drive motor
The QT 807 treadmill comes with a high quality Drive motor that offers 1.5 Continuous horse power and can deliver speeds of up to 16kmph. Built with high quality materials, this drive motor is built to last and is capable of working with a maximum user weight of 110kg making the QT 807 ideal for any age or fitness level.

0-15% Auto Incline Technology
The QT 807 is capable of automatically adjusting its incline to suit user needs. This feature has to different incline levels spread across 15 degrees, allowing you to increase your incline for a more challenging workout.

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